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DESPRO library come to fulfill the needs of teaching and learning process in the field:

Product design which includes the design of equipment / household appliances, biomedical-technology, office, sports, handicraft, transportation, street furniture facilities, etc.

Visual Communication Design (graphic design) which includes Design of visual communication media for delivering the messages and information through visual language to help improve work efficiency and visual appreciation in the community. The basic references of this study are function and aesthetics with consideration of marketing aspect, social and cultural aspects, technology, illustration, dictions, and others. Visual communication design categorized into two worklines. Bottom line, which is enjoyed in the room, upper-line that is enjoyed in the outer space or environment. Bottom line graphic works include stationary packages, packaging, advertisement, press (publishing), brochures (leaflets), illustrations, animations, and other multimedia works. Top-line works include posters, billboards, sign systems, outdoor advertising, banners, and more.

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The collections of DESPRO's local contents are masterpieces of Despro ITS students who are sourced in dynamically held science, and is the output of the final project summary visualized in book form and arranged according to the theme and research.